It all starts with a dream! Oklahoma F5 Outbreak Lacrosse Club is a 501(c)(3) competitive lacrosse program focused on teaching the fundamentals of lacrosse, and increasing the players IQ by building on those foundations with every practice. Each practice is structured in a way to test and get the most out of each and every player. This helps ensure that we are giving our players and teams a chance to compete at a high level with great results.

Oklahoma F5 Outbreak was started in May 2017 as a one team club built on being one big FAMILY; that was looking to provide a cost friendly option for the parents and players to play travel lacrosse. We continue to grow and expand our family; until every parent and player that wants to, has the option to play.

We operate by holding fundraisers and securing donations for the teams, and this helps offset the cost that we incur. We not only want to set ourselves apart from the competition by keeping the cost affordable, but we also want to set ourselves apart by developing every players skill set and winning at the highest levels.

The ultimate goal for the Oklahoma F5 Outbreak Lacrosse organization; is to help develop our players skills and get them recruited, make it to the next level, and be prepared for success when they get there.